22079252Opening the can of paint, and omigosh, it doesn’t look like the color I selected!  It’s too bright, too ________  (insert any hue name here – too blue, too green, too red, too yellow).  And yes, sometimes a mis-tint can occur, but it’s too early to judge the paint color by the wet paint in the can.

Paint at least one wall, two coats, and look at it in the center, not where it reacts to the walls on the sides of it.  Then you are seeing the color you chose, in paint, not lithographed color the way it is on a chip.

If it still bears no resemblance to the color chip of the color you selected, then it’s time to take the dry stirring stick, the can of paint, and the chip back to the paint store to see what happened.  Perhaps their machine malfunctioned, and the wrong color was sent home.

More often than not, however, the color will be just what you asked for.