23266215It’s important to select your paint colors in the brand of paint which the painter is going to be using.  As a color consultant, I always ask the client which brand of paint they will be using and we select from those colors.

But it’s also important to know that your painting contractor will not change the grade or brand of paint from what you have planned.

I do hear stories of painting contractors coming into Benjamin Moore locations with paint colors specified by me or by another color consultant, and changing the grade of paint specified to a less expensive paint.

I hear stories of painting contractors not listening when they are told that the Color Stories colors cannot be made in any paint besides Aura, wanting the store to “match it” in another paint (which will not look the same).

I also know of clients who have reported back to me that their color didn’t look quite the same, and when I ask if they have the cans of leftover paint, invariably the painter did not leave any cans behind.  This is a red flag.

Some clients work with painting contractors who bid the labor only, and they buy the paint.  This ensures that the grade of paint they want will be used.  But it’s certainly more convenient to have the painter pick up the paint, if you are certain it will be the paint you are paying for.22079252

If you don’t have a long term relationship with your painter, it’s always good to make it clear that you want the leftover paint cans left behind, and that you expect the paint to be in the grade you and your color consultant have selected.  Or check with your local store for the preferred brand of paint and find out which painters they know and trust enough to refer.

If the cost of what you selected turns out to be more than you wanted to pay, check back with your color consultant to see where it would be best to make changes to the grade of paint or the number of colors.