We also feel better if the color is balanced.  We achieve a good balance by having a range of values, from light to dark.  They can be different hues, or similar hues, but the variation of values within a room can help connect a room.

If you are remodeling a bathroom – what is the value of your floor, your cabinet, your countertop, and your trim (the baseboards, window and door frames, crown moulding if any) ?  Here is another chance to look at the value chart.

value scale

If you looked again at the chart, and back at your space, which grays are already represented?  You may find, after selecting all the values already represented, that there is a big hole on this chart, a value which is not yet represented in the space.  That’s a great start to finding your paint color – knowing the value or color, or contrast level,  you need in that space.  Now you don’t need to look at any of the colors which are  lighter or deeper than the value you need for your space.