By Color 101, I intend to discuss a few basics, so that when I talk about color, you understand the terms I’m using, and where my point of view is coming from.  These are posts which any visitor to this blog should begin with.    Color varies depending on what medium is transporting it.  Here’s why, in your paint color search, there are limits to the benefits of looking at colors online, and in print magazines and books.

Color is different in different mediums.

In light, all colors combined make white light.

In paint, all colors together make black paint color.


In paint, the primary colors are red, blue, and yellow, from which all other colors are derived.
But when we replace printer ink, we are using cyan, magenta, yellow and black.  Cyan is a greener blue than primary blue in paint.  Magenta is a pinker red than the primary red in paint.
So this is why when you see a color online, or see it in a magazine, and then come into the paint store to see the paint color they said was used in the image, the color is going to appear to be very different.

Does it still help to look online and in magazines?  Absolutely!  Bring in those images or photos to a paint store, or show them to your paint color consultant (whether it is me, or someone else), and we can help you find a paint which will look like that in the room.

– Linda

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